Our platforms

Today FinPublic operates in 10 countries all over the world. Our platforms are located in Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia. As for the countries of the far abroad, we operate in USA, Brazil, Mexico, Poland, Spain and India.

In some countries we have several websites, because due to high level of demand both from citizens who need help to find a loan and from companies willing to expand their customer base.

Every platform works as a full service and information portal about credits and lending. Borrowers have the opportunity to select the most profitable offer out of hundreds, learn credit terms and estimate the company’s reputation by comments of other customers.

We actively cooperate with the local experts and professionals. Every project meets its goal — to obtain leadership at the local market by becoming a number one loan and borrowing aggregator.

But we don't rest on laurels. Every day our specialists analyse and search for new promising areas. The list of FinPublic’s countries of operation will further expand for sure.