Finpublic attended the FinAdTech Barcelona 2019

09 December 2019

One more year Finpublic attended the largest conference in affiliation in the Fintech sector in Europe, organized by LeadGid affiliation network. This event took place in Barcelona on November 11th-12th, 2019 and welcomes the largest representatives of the financial sector: banks, non-banking financial institutions, Fintech firms and major affiliates.

Finpublic attended the FinAdTech Barcelona 2019 Finpublic, as a major affiliate in this sector, presented the trends and technology needed to attract users interested in financial products - especially in Spain -, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of working through the API method with credit institutions in Spain.

In general, the conference that took place in Barcelona was full of topics in the field of banking and technology where issues such as the evolution of marketing in the sector, the role of digitalization in traditional banking and in the economy in general, the use of data or the automation processes needed to improve the lifetime value of brands were discussed.

On the second day there was a panel discussion in which the different points of view were discussed when making a forecast on the new era of banking and the evolution that traditional banking should adopt to improve its competitiveness against financial startups.

Among the attendees were representatives of well-known brands such as ID Finance, VexCash, Facebook, Bankiros or Revolut.

We hope that the next edition of FinAdTech that will take place in Kiev will be as successful as it has been in Spain.