FinPublic has updated the site design

25 March 2019

FinPublic has launched an updated version of its website. We changed the design a bit, refreshed sections and added new directions that better enable visitors to understand the scale of the company's work and its focus on results.
The company always monitors current trends, so updates occur quite regularly. This time, besides adjusting the color range, the changes affected our sections. For example, the list of services has been expanded that now cover a wider area, starting with placement on portals and various types of advertising and ending with the creation of websites, the development of landing pages, etc.

The FinPublic is actively sweeping the planet, pushing horizons apart. More recently, we launched an information and service platform in the tenth country in a row. We decided to show our deeds on an interactive map. By clicking on the country of Finpublic presence, the user can get acquainted with all the portals that have been launched there and are successfully operating today.

A new section was the "Conference Calendar". The company regularly performs as an information partner of the country's leading events in the field of marketing, microfinance, bank lending. We decided that market participants who are interested in gaining new knowledge and experience will be interested in following upcoming events and, if they wish, adding an event to their calendar.

Today, Finpublic has a unique international experience and a massive arsenal of tools to achieve any goal. We believe in our future and in the future of our customers.