Banner advertising

Using banner advertising it is possible to make a logo of any company recognizable for a short time. Especially it is more effective to use banner ads during the promotion of a new product, service or a brand. The bright and unique design will draw the people’s attention both who are already interested in the service and users who can become your customers or clients in the future.

The banner ad is a peculiar business card of the advertiser, and even if a visitor doesn’t click on the ad and doesn’t visit the advertiser's website, he pays attention to the attractive image, thus the name and the logo of the company become quickly recognizable. Undoubtedly, an attractive advantage of this type of advertising is the fast payback. The result can be seen just after the start of a banner ad on certain platforms: one users meet the producer and his production, and the interested users have an opportunity to be on the landing page with minimum efforts.

The effectiveness of the banner advertising depends on a creative design, on an opportunity to draw attention of visitors and also on the placement on suitable resources. Therefore, for each case it is better to match the specialized websites. So, financial institutions which provide services in crediting should aim at the popular Internet platforms where there are their potential borrowers. We have more than ten information portals which are generally visited by the people interested in getting a loan that’s why your banner advertising will find the audience at once.

On our platforms we can place two types of banner ads:

  • A1 (horizontal, in the heading, 468х60 px)
  • A2 (vertical, in the right sidebar, 240х400 px)

The banner ads placement is on every page of the site, in the rotation of no more than 3 banner ads.

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