Electronic Mailing

As for effectiveness of electronic mailing, more profitable advertising can’t be found on the Internet. It is nearly the cheapest marketing tool, nevertheless, this method of the notification yields good results:

  • Increasing potential buyers’ level of interest;
  • Forming trusting relationships with regular customers;
  • There is an opportunity to quickly inform target audience of the latest news and promotions.

Therefore, many companies consider mailings the excellent decision for involvement of new buyers and increasing the trust of regular customers. This type of advertising is especially convenient for banks and other financial institutions which are engaged in crediting of natural persons. As a rule, users look through e-mails from bank institutions more often than messages from other senders. Such messages quite often contain important information for the receiver, that’s why profitability of advertising of financial services using e-mail is rather high.

Electronic mailing shall not just provide certain information, it is very important that potential borrowers could see what exactly the financial institution can help. Each message shall be the most readable and recognizable, it is necessary to specify details and a contact information of credit institution. We will prepare such mailings on behalf of your bank and we will send to people who are interested in your services. Our user base is constantly updating, today we have about 1 million contacts of people who are interested in getting a loan.

We make an informational branded dispatch about the company.

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