Push notifications

FinPublic service offers to install for your business a unique and powerful tool allowing you to estimate user interest to your website — push notifications. Subscription is customised by your target audience. Therefore, it is simple and effective!

What is push notification?

Push notifications are small pop-up windows displayed on computer screen or any mobile device. They help users learn about news, sales, various promotions and special offers. Notifications will become free advertising for your business!

The efficiency of push notifications

Our professional team offers push notifications for the following reasons:

  • Subscription works on any device regardless of the browser!
  • You will be able to manage settings for displaying notifications;
  • Push notifications can be automated;
  • Segment notifications based on personal user settings.

We offer the opportunity to test different types of notifications. So you will be able to choose the best solution that will bring a response from your target audience.

Benefits of using push notifications:

  • The message is always visible! It will be difficult for a user to miss it!
  • Increased traffic views. User can return to your website with only one click!
  • Ability to customise personal messages for a particular client;
  • Notifications come even when clients are not on the website page!
  • The ability to use our API for notification settings.

We have several cooperation offers. Therefore, you can always find the best solution for yourself according to your budget. Push notifications can be sent to any number of users for free! We will create for you personal integration and set up targeting to segment users according to separate factors.

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