Reputation management

Negative comments or articles about your business can do essential harm. To reduce negative impact of such content as much as it possible, companies can use the service called "Reputation Management".

The purpose of the actions made within service in reputation management of the company is to create the positive image and to form the high opinion of consumers about the products or services. Considering the fact that it is almost impossible to encompass all amount of comments which are left on the Internet, experts at reputation management focus on three directions:

  • results given in search engines;
  • messages in social media;
  • comments and reviews in online mass media.

The work is been doing with information placed by editors of various Internet portals, as well as with the comments and reviews of ordinary Internet users. As a result, there have to be only positive or neutral reviews left.

For the first time the American experts and analytics in the field of internet marketing have thought of reputation management. It is a special package of measures connected with the detection of any negative content on the Internet and with the reduction of its quantity to a possible minimum.

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